Wednesday, October 21, 2009

After Sukkot, something a bit more permanent :)

Fancy non-s'chach ceiling :)

Subway entrance for the upper-crust :)

Shira's Shots
Wednesday, September 17, 2009
(Click on the photos for a closer view.)

I think these are shots of the New York Life building (nice close-up here), but I wouldn't swear to it.

Some subway trivia, for the benefit of non-New Yorkers:

The Interborough Rapid Transit/IRT, Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit/BMT, and Independent/IND subway lines were integrated into one New York City Transportation Authority system years ago, but, due to the originally-separate construction, different trains may be necessary for the originally-different lines because the trains aren't all the same width! [No joke--the former IRT lines have narrower cars than the former IND lines.] Hat-tip: a long-ago landlord of mine who was a train buff.


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